In Swords & Potions, there are two main types of armor in the game -- lighter armor generally made out of leather, and heavy armor generally made out of iron or steel. Armor can also be classified by the place it protects (head, body, feet, or hands/arms).

This article does not discuss the lightest forms of protection, including cloaks and shoes; for a more complete overview of all worn gear in the game, see Category:Armor&Clothes.

Leather armorEdit

Leather armor is the medium form of protection available in the game, as it provides more protection than simple clothing but not as much as metal armor. Armor of this type is referred to as "medium" in the game, including medium armor for the body, medium gloves for the hands, medium boots for the feet, and medium helmets for the head.

Although it is a reasonably strong armor, by the game's definition the Tailor produces leather armor in addition to cloaks by herself, and assists in producing more heavy armored types of protection.

This type of protection provides a good balance between flexibility and protection, and so is generally preferred by support class customers. Buyers: Soldier, Barbarian, Berserker, Archer, Thief, Engineer, Musketeer

Metal armorEdit

The heaviest form of armor in the game is made of metal, either as chain mail or plate mail. This includes heavy armor to protect the body, heavy gloves or gauntlets to protect the hand, heavy boots for foot protection, and heavy helmets for full head protection.

Metal and steel armor are mainly produced by the Blacksmith, sometimes in cooperation with Tailor and/ or Carpenter. Because of its high protection provided, heavy armor is preferred by the fighter class customer. Buyers: Soldier, Barbarian, Guard, Knight, Paladin

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