On August 18th 2012 Edgebee released a patch which greatly changed game play. The changes listed by Edgebee show 5 new shop items, an improvement sorting change, and 20 new late game items. All are token recipes for level 100 (?) crafters. However a large unlisted change affects adventurer returns in particular, making them much more generous. Previous maximum rewards for a Gungir quester were about 225K with a very uncommon rare materials drop of up to 20 mats.

Current quester drops max out in the area of 20 mats, 1.5 M cash, and a 320k market value item (dragon skull). Adventurers from ~50 adv skill on are affected, but the greatest changes seem to be in palace. The most noticeable effect of this is that leveling goes from an average of 4-5 days per level to about 2 levels per day.

The changes announcement on joining the game lists the following changes:


  • New craftsman store improvements, give very good crafting bonuses
  • New front door Improvement Chime gives bonuses similar to the front door
  • 20+ new end game recipes


  • Appropriate sorting of friend improvements

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