Welcome to Swords & Potions! an online shop management game in which your goal is to become the greatest shopkeeper of Tomagar by taking care of all kinds of customers in a RPG-like world. Indeed, you will meet Knights, Healers, and many more, browsing through your store and willing to buy your valuables to make their quest expeditions easier.

This page is the table of contents of the guide, use it to navigate straight to the topic on which you need information.

Should you spot a mistake or should you want to comment something you read, you're welcome on my talk page.

In this guide, I (Fexghadi) will sometimes make personal comments. Those reflect my personal experience of the game and might not fit yours. To clearly separate them from the rest, they will be written in this color.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Layout
Chapter 3: Your first day as a shopkeeper
Chapter 4: Know your customers
Chapter 5: Numbers are the key
Chapter 6: Early levels efficiency strategy
Chapter 7: More knowledge! and introduction to Mid-level gameplay (under construction)

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