Welcome to Swords & Potions! an online shop management game in which your goal is to become the greatest shopkeeper of Tomagar by taking care of all kinds of customers in an RPG-like world. Indeed, you will meet Knights, Healers, and many more, browsing through your store and willing to buy your valuables to make their quest expeditions easier.

In this first part, you will be told what kind of game Swords & Potions is, and the basics about how it is designed for the players.
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Swords & Potions, a long-term gameEdit

As you might have understood in the small intro above, you will be running an all-purpose shop for RPG-esque customers. Still, if you never played a RPG before, you should still be doing fine, as the main aspect of the game is management. Relevant bits of RPG appear in your shopkeeper skills, but that's all you'll have to worry about.

The worst thing in this game is probably the fact that it is time-based, which means you can't play all day long at a steady pace. You have a maximum of gamedays you can stock up at a time, and they will refill one at a time each 15 minutes (real time) if under the maximum. New players will be granted 9 days when they start the game but their maximum is 5. Players who started before the 11/24/2011 update have a maximum of 7 days.
However, you can extend the maximum to 9, 11 or 14, among other benefits, at the cost of tokens, which requires you to spend real money on the game.


The RNG (Random Number Generator) likes to mess up with your nerves.

Also, most -if not all- game mechanics focus on numbers and probabilities. If you're not fond of mathematics or don't like to lose at gambling, this game isn't the one that will make your day. Item crafting, successful haggles, worker stats heavily focus on numbers and randomness. And randomness can sometimes be a %$@#§.

Now, if you're not scared after this, you're welcome to the next page of this guide!

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