Welcome to Swords & Potions! an online shop management game in which your goal is to become the greatest shopkeeper of Tomagar by taking care of all kinds of customers in an RPG-like world. Indeed, you will meet Knights, Healers, and many more, browsing through your store and willing to buy your valuables to make their quest expeditions easier.

In this second part, we will introduce you to the layout of the game.
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The main screenEdit

Take a look at the picture: this is where you'll spend most time while playing Swords & Potions. Click it to enlarge to full size.

Shop layout

This is what it looks like!

1: Sorceress's working area
2: Blacksmith's working area
3: Tailor's working area
4: Carpenter's working area
5: Available tokens and related possibilities
6: HUB. Will be detailed below
7: Interactive items. Will also be detailed below
8: Remaining days and daytime (clicking the sun will pause / resume the game).
9: Current change
10: Current production, research, and covert operations
11: Reputation, also called Level
12: Inventory
13: Resource bins
14: Positive and negative effects affecting your shop and/or employees
15: Customer waiting area

Detailed HUBEdit



1: News feed: Gives various info, mainly from guild members and thugs
2: Inbox: Standard mail box, also stores achievement rewards.
3: Chat: Pretty obvious. Unlike the the news and inbox, it doesn't pause the game
4: Settings: Customize volume, game speed and visual settings there. If you don't like the blurry effect, uncheck the "Use pixel filter" box and refresh the game
5: Fullscreen: Only available on Edgebee's website (and some other sites)
6: Quit: Close your game session. Only available on Edgebee's website

Interactive itemsEdit

Some of them are explained in the in-game hints, which you should always read, as you reach level 5. I'll mainly explain the ones that aren't.

Interactive Items

Interactive items

1: Guild Banner: Opens the Guild menu
2: Scrolls: Your last 5 gamedays reports
3: Leaderboards: Shows top 10 rankings and yours ("Nearby")
4: Recipe book: Quick overview of your available recipes and current stocks
5: Chest: Allows you to buy improvements
6: Trophy: Check the basic achievements there, and those you already got
7: Map: Allows you to move your shop to various places

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