Axes contain a number of weapons suitable for chopping enemies (or wood) in half. Axes are not quite in as much demand as some other weapon classes, and as a result there are relatively fewer axes in the game than, for instance, swords. Nevertheless, axes can be sold to the following classes: Barbarian, Berserker, Knight, Paladin, Singing Axe, and Soldier. All axes (except for the brier-axe) are cooperative recipes, usually requiring cooperation between the blacksmith and the carpenter (although the Frost axe is an exception); the Enchanted labrys also requires help from the sorceress.

Like many other weapon types, axes come in two varieties: one-handed and two-handed. The distinction between the two is not as important as it is for some other weapon types, since all classes which accept axes will accept either type. Of course, if you want to maximize your chances when suggesting, you should still try to suggest an axe of the same handedness. (There is no longer a distinction in the game as to one-handed and two-handed.)

Determining whether an axe is one-handed or two-handed is tricky, since this is one of the few pieces of information not explicitly specified in the game. If you look at the recipe book in the back of your store, you will notice that one-handed and two-handed axes are grouped separately, which is useful. In the case of axes, it's also pretty easy to distinguish by appearance -- an axe which looks small enough to be held in one hand is one-handed, while the two-handed axes are clearly too large to be held in one hand.

The following table shows the properties of all axes, including both one- and two-handed axes, in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading. For lists of one-handed or two-handed axes only, consult the individual category pages.

Name Hands Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Assault axe 2H 1520 no B+C --
Asunder 1H 22880 no B+C 10 2290
Brier-axe 1H 18965 no B 10 1895
Broad axe 2H 2890 no B+C --
Cleaver 1H 2560 no B+C 1 2560
Enchanted labrys 2H 22695 100 B+C+S 2 2 1 4540
Frost axe 1H 5035 50 C+S 1 1 2520
Halberd 2H 1475 no B+C --
Hand axe 1H 210 no B+C --
Labrys 2H 2405 no B+C --
Pirate axe 2H 2095 no B+C --
Steel battle-axe 2H 950 no B+C --
Stone axe 1H 345 no B+C --
Strong cleaver 1H 4110 50 B+C 1 4110
Vicious chopper 2H 7535 75 B+C 1 7535
War labrys 2H 5240 no B+C 1 1 2620


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