Despite being a staple class of weaponry in the fantasy realm, bows are not very popular in Swords & Potions, as they are requested by only three classes: Archer, Barbarian, and Berserker. As a result, there is somewhat less variety of bows in the game compared to some of the other classes of weaponry.

Bows are almost exclusively crafted by the carpenter (a couple require help from other classes as well), which means that you'll probably find yourself with a large stockpile of them made by your carpenter when he has nothing else to do. Fortunately, the composite bow has one of the highest prices of any single-class, non-token, non-rare material recipes; however, because of the relatively slow demand, you'll have difficulty selling nearly as many as you make.

The following table shows the properties of all bows in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Bow 265 no C --
Bow of precision 3180 25 C 1 3180
Calamitous bow 14370 75 C 2 2 2 2395
Composite bow 2330 no C --
Double shot 7590 50 C 2 3795
Ebony bow 1715 no C --
Elf bow 2270 no C 1 2270
Fairy bow 3755 no C+T 1 3755
Gemini 23345 no C 2 10 1945
Immobilizer 17860 100 C+S 2 3 3570
Long bow 585 no C --
Small bow 145 no C --

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