Bracers are a type of light armor in Swords & Potions. In the game, they are referred to as light gloves, although this is somewhat inaccurate, since they are forearm, not hand, protection (unlike medium gloves and gauntlets, which protect the hands). The one confusing exception are enabling gloves, which despite having "gloves" in the name (unlike the rest of the items in this category), are also classed as bracers, presumably because they are light. Fortunately, now that category icons are available on all items, it's easy to tell which is which.

There are relatively few bracers in the game, and not much available in the high end of the range (especially since the enabling gloves do not have a great rate of return on the rare materials that they use), so this will often prove to be a difficult category to sell.

The following table shows the properties of all bracers in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Arm-guard 1180 25 C+T --
Elfwood vambrace 725 no C+T --
Enabling gloves 18100 no T 10 1810
Gladiator's vambrace 1535 no B+T --
Stone hands 8800 75 C+T 2 4400
Vambrace 2045 no B+T 1 2045
War vambrace 2140 no B+T --
Wooden bracers 180 no C+T --
Wrist-guard 2045 no B+T --

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