Heavy armor is the heaviest form of body protection available in Swords & Potions. While it can be scale, chain, or plate mail, it is always composed of metal and provides maximum protection for the wearer, at the price of increased weight and decreased mobility. It is preferred by fighter class characters, specifically the Barbarian, Berserker, Guard, Knight, Paladin, and Soldier.

All heavy armor requires at least the blacksmith and the tailor to make; some higher-end magical items also need the cooperation of the sorceress, while the lionheart requires all four crafters. In general, you will find pretty consistently high demand for heavy armor throughout the game, which you may have difficulty meeting because of the cooperative requirements for the recipes. Still, the category is unusual in that it has two very high-end recipes (the lionheart and the great armor) which don't require tokens and offer a decent return for their usage of rare materials. As far as token recipes go, the flexible plate offers the best return for rare material usage, as it requires only one dragon's blood but sells for 13420 gold.

The following table shows the properties of all heavy armor in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Brigandine 1190 no B+T --
Chain mail 730 no B+T --
Demon plate 54970 150 B+T+S 4 8 4580
Dragon plate 9865 no B+T 1 2 3290
Flexible plate 13420 100 B+T+S 1 13420
Full plate 3255 no B+T --
Great armor 40525 no B+T+S 5 4 4505
Guard mail 2285 25 B+T --
Half-plate 2720 no B+T --
Iron plate armor 1535 no B+T --
Knight's hauberk 2935 no B+T --
Lionheart 59340 no B+C+T+S 8 4 2 4240
Lorica segmentata 1230 no B+T --
Plate of the moon 13665 75 B+T 2 6835
Rock armor 9570 50 B+T+S 2 4785
Scale mail 395 no B+T --
Sky dragoon armor 23215 50 B+T+S 4 2 3870