In the October 27th update, many changes to the game were introduced, including a large number of new items. This category contains all of the items introduced in this update.

All of the new items require level 100 workers to research, and generally retail for high prices, approximately 20k-40k. They also have a very high usage of rare materials (usually about 15), so making the new items will not be easy even after you've researched them! None of the new items requires tokens to research, although some of them are behind token items in the research chain, so they will indirectly require tokens to obtain.

In general, there was one new item introduced in each of the different item categories, although not all categories had new items (for instance, there were no new consumables released) and a few had two.

Many of these items do not yet have the full information recorded in the wiki, especially research cycles. Also, since the number of crafting points required is no longer shown, this information is also missing until someone figures out a way to obtain this information again. If you do have any of this information, please do help out and give information you have (here is how to do that).

With this massive overhaul a lot of other things have been changed. We could use your help in finding out all details.