Medium armor (also sometimes referred to as leather armor) is, as the name suggests, the medium form of body protection available in Swords & Potions. It is generally made of leather, thus offering more protection than light clothing such as cloaks, but also offering more mobility than heavy armor made of metal. They are generally bought by support class characters, specifically: Archer, Barbarian, Berserker, Engineer, Musketeer, Singing Axe, Soldier, Thief, and War Wizard.

Medium armor tends to be relatively popular throughout the whole game, and there is a fairly wide variety of items that are available. You will probably find yourself with a lot of perfect leather, as it doesn't require tokens or rare materials and can be made by a single class. At the higher end, the evasive armor offers a good return for the rate of rare materials used, although it takes a long time to research. (The dragon leather is a reward for the Master merchant achievement, so it is essentially not obtainable.) Some medium armor can be made by the tailor alone, although more complex items require the help of one or more other workers.

The following table shows the properties of all medium armor in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Barbarian chief armor 3815 no B+C+T --
Comfortable vest 4690 50 B+T --
Cow leather armor 1235 25 T --
Dragon leather 31440 no B+T+S 8 3930
Elven brigandine 4185 50 B+T 1 4185
Evasive armor 27225 no B+T+S 4 6805
Fur armor 1080 no T --
Gambeson 860 25 T --
Leather cuirass 355 no T --
Monk's cloak 970 no T --
Padded leather armor 690 no T --
Perfect leather 1910 no T --
Plated leather armor 1230 no B+T --
Reign coat 9040 75 T+S 1 1 4520
Ronin's armor 9845 100 B+T --
Samurai's armor 4370 no B+T --
Studded leather armor 1005 no T --
Yeti armor 2390 25 T --