Medium helmets are the middle class of headwear in Swords & Potions. They provide more protection than mere hats, but not the full face protection of heavy helmets, and so are a good compromise between mobility and protection. They are bought by a wide variety of classes, specifically: Archer, Barbarian, Berserker, Engineer, Musketeer, Singing Axe, Soldier, Thief, and War Wizard.

All medium helmets require the tailor to manufacture, usually in conjunction with the blacksmith or the carpenter (or, in one case, both). As is the case for many classes of items in Swords & Potions, there's not much available at the high end for late game purchases, with the opal helmet really the only option.

The following table shows the properties of all medium helmets in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Bone helmet 975 no C+T --
Captain's helmet 1955 no B+T --
Elven commander 7830 75 B+T 2 3915
Fitting top 990 25 T --
Gladiator's helmet 855 no B+T --
Horned helmet 605 no B+T --
Leather helmet 215 no T --
Mask of fear 5315 50 C+T 1 5315
Metal cap 365 no B+T --
Opal helmet 16985 no B+T 5 3400
Soldier's helmet 1400 no B+T --
Viking helmet 5465 50 B+C+T 1 5465

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