This category contains information on all one-handed blunt weapons in Swords & Potions. For more discussion of blunt weapons in general (including a table of all blunt weapons combined), see Category:Blunt weapons.

The following table shows the properties of all one-handed blunt weapons in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Abolishing mace 34240 no B+C+S 10 3425
Biomace 5615 50 B+S 1 5615
Club 85 no C --
Crushing bludgeon 875 25 C --
Crushing fist 5520 50 B+S 1 5520
Demon worshipper 37280 no B+C+S 10 3730
Dragon tooth 159135 500 C+S 50 3183
Hammer 180 no B+C --
Orange hammer 1260 25 B+C --
Soldier's mace 910 no B --
Steel mace 635 no B --
War priest's mace 8940 75 B+S 1 8940

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