Scrolls are a type of consumable item in Swords & Potions. As a consumable, they can be suggested to any customer regardless of what is being requested, although generally with a relatively low success rate (unless, of course, a scroll is being asked for).

Scrolls are relatively high-end items, and all of them require at least one rare material to make. They also all require cooperation between the tailor and sorceress (the Apocalypscion also requires the carpenter).

The following table shows the properties of all scrolls in Swords & Potions. Token recipes are indicated by blue shading.

Name Market price Token recipe? Crafted by Mithril D. blood Gems M. feathers Value per rare
Absolute zero scroll 36650 150 T+S 4 6 4 2620
Apocalypscion 62900 no[1] C+T+S 10 10 3150
Blizzard scroll 11550 50 T+S 2 2 2890
Fireball scroll 2375 no T+S 1 2380
Hurricane scroll 8755 no[2] T+S 1 1 4380
Ice shard scroll 5470 25 T+S 1 1 2740
Ionstorm scroll 6370 no T+S 1 1 3190
Lava scroll 3230 no T+S 1 3230
Lightning bolt scroll 6725 25 T+S 1 1 3360
Meteor shower scroll 56980 150 T+S 8 4 8 2850
Storm scroll 12930 50 T+S 2 2 3230
  1. Although not technically a token recipe, the apocalypscion is the reward for researching 300 recipes, which cannot be done without token recipes.
  2. Although it is not itself a token recipe, the hurricane scroll is behind the lightning bolt scroll in the research chain, so you will either need to buy the recipe from a customer (confirmed: 2013-01-19), or need tokens to get it eventually (Although you should be able to get the necessary 25 tokens from daily gifts quite quickly)

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