There is some founding talk about this at


But that was too well hidden for most to see. I believe that every item page that won't require tokens, or luck from recipe sellers, is complete. Now I am going to address the categorization here, where hopefully someone will see it. I'll even post a banner for someone to click on the front page just to draw some attention.

I plan to use the current categories first, moving all the items around where they should be. This will be beginning almost a week from now, 5 day. If nobody has input I will adjust the categories something like...

weapon armor misc
daggersword...clothingfull plate...accessoriesconsumables
bracerglovegauntletshoebootgrieveshattopfull helmetfull body armor

Items won't appear in items or the three subcategories directly under items. The subcategory of armor splits the most.

Simple, right? This is the hierarchy the game seems to recognize on a customer basis. I'll do a little side project to help break things down more just to find more insight to research, but we need short categories with fewer paths, brief and manageable.

Also I'd like to manage the categories which aren't related to items, they aren't quite as hierarchical. Still, if there is a page that points at every single category then it can go into an importance category and appear on the front page, and nobody will have to look for it. When I talk about this I am thinking of the Quests list. It points to every single worker except thug, and I'm not suggesting we add thug, it's just that the fact that we need workers to add improvement points to finish a quest is trivial. If I look at a worker category I mostly see the items they can make now right? This turns the rest of the articles that go directly into a worker category like weeds. There should be a subcategory like "what a worker makes:list of items" and "goals aided by workers: achievements, quests, researching, shop extension, we're all living in your backyard (life of a thug)" ActiveUnique 01:14, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

Item category Edit

You can see how spread out and very likely disorganized everything is at the moment by viewing this. Some things are being added to a higher level so they can be sorted later. From the sheer number you can conclude that there are duplicates.

Very frequently the problem is that a page is already in multiple categories so a huge number of links are added higher up. Up meaning to the left, the direction the tree collapses. We want more links further down, to the right the way the tree expands. This will take some work and mostly it'll be a removal of the higherup category on any properly sorted pages, and I expect some pages are in two conflicting categories.

Special:CategoryTree items all links displayed

ActiveUnique 01:31, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

A few change suggestions to the armor descriptions have been made.
Instead of "clothing" the light body armor can be called "cloaks" > medium body armor can be referred to as "leather body armor" > heavy body armor would be "metal body armor"
Heavy footwear are sabatons. I agree the game heavily used this term for knight's shoes.
If there are any other ideas for the names let me know.
Blunt weapons, I thought I'd ask what the thoughts about blunt weapons were. Do mace and hammer remain seperate? I will be making a category "blunt weapons" and putting both into it, but the matter is splitting it two-way or four-way. I like to think I am regarding all items in the game the way the customers do when they walk into the store and a suggestion is made that they buy differently.
ActiveUnique 14:39, August 3, 2011 (UTC)
Seeing that item selection page makes a difference which currently is different from Item Acceptance page i think it's fair to say that this is needing a little more thought. I also put my thoughts on it at that page that i think categories are different from those tables, especially concerning armor.
Clothing specifically is not armor. Shoes, boots, gloves, hats and cloaks are not armor type materials. Sabatons (including iron boots) however are, as well as leather and metal/ steel body armor, bracers, gauntlets, helmets. I think that the game is based on that categorization.
Hammers and maces might indeed be the category blunt weapons. The game also clearly destinguishes between bows and crossbows as different categories, which regularly don't match. I think there is also something in the staves category being a subcat because i have had it several times already that suggesting one staff to another gave me a failure with 0% chance. But i am not sure what the exact criteria are plus those are pretty costly to make in abundance to try out.
Anyways, good call on this discussion, hope more will contribute to it.

18:26, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

More Suggestions Edit

I think I already decided I like the actual wiki categories limited for browsing speed purpose. If an expansive web interface is needed or just a fun curiosity I've already laid the foundation for it on All Item Groupings.

I'm starting to turn to look at the rest of the website. It certainly isn't pretty how the categories line up. I checked how wikipedia suggests it should be done, all categories under "Content" like the table of contents. It is not like that now (this comment will become dated soon).

Also, much information is going into the category pages that isn't simply better browsing capability. I guess I did that too, without realizing it wasn't in the main article namespace, a move from category page "Items" to just "Items" could be in order.

ActiveUnique 05:34, August 14, 2011 (UTC)

Categorisation hierarchy Edit

Hmm, I'm a little unclear how we'll keep track of all the items... To start, I'd loosely suggest we standardise something like this:

  • Don't place items in the Items subcategory, only into their relevant Worker and subcategory (mostly already done), categorising items by weapons/armor/accessory/consumable and then by one of worker's main group of goods/research lines.
    • Perhaps not make a page for every item, but every group? For example, potions would cover the various tiers of potions; Heal potion, Vial of healing (and mana counterparts) and perhaps elixir? This would make it easier to show research groups.

In any case, we need to get cracking on something to keep a semblance of order here. Here's hoping we can get one up and running soon :) Techhead7890 00:05, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Categorisation hierarchyEdit

I left you a message on your talk page - let me know what you think. ToxicCosmos 15:58, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

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