City Districts were added to the game with a patch on 1 September 2011. A certain shop level is needed to unlock them.

There are six city districts:

No Name Rent

Req. Level / Max Rep.

(or upper cap of level of your shop)

Cost (Coins / Tokens)
1 Countryside Coins0 1 / 10 Coins0 / Token0
2 City Gates Coins100 5 / 25 Coins1,000 / Token25
3 Marketplace Coins500 20 / 50 Coins20,000 / Token50
4 Guildhall Coins1.5K 45 / 100 Coins50,000 / Token100
5 Royal Bazaar Coins7.5K 95 / 200 Coins500,000 / Token150
6 Palace Coins15K 195 / unlimited Coins5,000,000 / Token200


  • Oddly, when holding the mouse cursor over Palace, it highlights the Countryside too.'
  • The Countryside is considered the Beginner Protection district.

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