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Decorator achievement button

Decorator achievement button

prove your shop (fixed number of upgrades, which currently means you no longer need each and every improvement to get this achievement.)

Reward: 7 in-game days crafting boost for your workers.

Note by doenen: As of the (October?) update that introduced new racks, you do not require pet upgrades to get the Decorator achievement. You only need to have fulfilled the appropriate number of upgrades required for the achievement (not sure what the exact number is but I got Decorator after finishing several upgrades from the December update despite only having 1 pet, and a number of my guild members who have no pets have also gotten the achievement after completing the new upgrades)

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Decorator achievement reward

Decorator achievement reward is a 'Bonus aux employes' (worker bonus) which is in fact french, and an error on the programmer side to have it in french. This is a screendumb from a video, which is explaining the bad quality.

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