ResearchTree Everlasting pistol

Research tree for Everlasting pistol

Everlasting pistol
Everlasting pistol
Blacksmith 100 Carpenter 100 Sorceress 100 Tailor n/a
Forging 425 Sawing 450 Alchemy 500 Sewing n/a
Welding 325 Sculpting 400 Enchanting 0 Creativity n/a
Metal 8 Wood 0 Herbs 8 Leather 0
Steel 10 Elfwood 10 Oils 8 Fabric 0
Mithril 5 Dragonsblood 0 Gems 0 Mythicfeathers 2
Estimated Craft Time  ? hours
Estimated Research Time 298 hours
Market Value Coins 29505
Recipe Purchase Price Coins 118020
Tokens Token 0
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Customers who can use this item
result of Firearms
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Research CycleEdit

Items that come before and/or after this item in research cycle. (previous item > this page > recipe unlocked / recipe unlocked)

Pistol > Musket / Dragon > Fiery dragon / Musketeer's pistol / Escopette > Everlasting pistol

General BuyersEdit

See to the right under infobox item.


Items that can be suggested in place of this one. Recording percentages along with which customer will improve the knowledge base of our suggestions:

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