This is an attempt to show rare material efficency in categories and/or the best non rare material item for giving to adventurers. This article also assumes that one wants at least 4k per rare material in most cases.


In accessories we have rings and pendants.

Pendants are slightly harder to handicap. Lucky amulet wins out for efficency requiring no rare materials but only netting 635 gold. If one is expending tokens one can make a case for Holy talisman (9600 for 2 mithril) or Perfect jade (12860 for 3 gems).

Rings are easily won by Ring of conservation which other than having a long research time is without tokens. It is 7380 for 1 rare material, a gem.


In consumable goods there are herbs, potions and scrolls.


Herbs are a thin category as we only have one really worth making which is Rejuvenating herbs at 940 gold for no rare materials. However, an inefficient use of rare materials can be used if one has tokens and instead net you Restoration powder (3405 at 1 feather).


Potions are another small category relying on Vial of mana may get boring but it is highly efficient producing 1465 gold. A pair of closely matched token recipies that are inefficient with rare material use are Elixir at (6100 for 2 Dragon Blood) or Holy spray at (9765 for 3 Gems)


Well the least worst scroll is Hurricane scroll at 8755 for a Dragon Blood and a Feather. It also sports a lack of tokens required. Its time consuming but functional.


Footwear consists of shoes, medium boots and heavy boots.


Shoes are an awesome category in that as you go farther down the token tech chain they get more and more effective for the most part culminating at Flying shoes at 17815 for 2 Feathers. However for efficency's sake you can probably get away with giving adventurers a lower token recipe called Shiny shoes which produce 2550 gold for no rare materials.

Medium bootsEdit

Medium boots are the same featuring Courier's boots for tokens at 19765 gold for 1 Dragon Blood and 1 Feather. However adventurer's can usually be bought off with simple Riding boots at 1475 gold and no tokens or rare materials.

Heavy bootsEdit

Heavy boots are decent in that Knight's sabatons a regular recipe requiring no rare materials and worth 2495 gold are your best bet adventurer wise. The expensive token wise but decent use of rare materials is Dragoon's sabatons which takes 2 of each rare material for 37830 isn't an adventurer's item but is worth noting.


Headwear consists of hats, medium helmets and heavy helmets.


For hats, the Blazing hat is the adventurer play worth a mere 1535 gold and some tokens to purchase it. Streamlined conscience is the ultra expensive and efficient recipe in this category list though 11070 gold for a Gem and a Feather.

Medium helmetsEdit

Medium helmets feature the functional Captain's helmet for adventurers worth 1955. Also in this category are two decent requiring token recipies of Mask of fear (5315 for 1 Dragon Blood) or Viking helmet (5465 for 1 Dragon Blood) Both are efficient for rare materials but Mask of Fear is slightly better due to only having 2 workers required.

Heavy helmetsEdit

Heavy Helmets are a three headed trio depending on if you have tokens and rare materials. Adventurers can be bought off with War mask worth 3050. Without spending tokens one gets a solid Kabuto worth 4170 for 1 Feather.Wrathful face is the token recipe that is top tier for rare material efficency at 12985 gold for 2 Mithril.

Wrist gearEdit

Wrist gear is a category of Bracers (light gloves), Medium gloves, and Gauntlets.


Bracers have the War vambrace worth 2140 gold for adventurers or the token recipe Stone hands worth 8800 gold for 2 Gems.

Medium glovesEdit

Medium gloves this category is carried by the Long gloves worth 800 gold. However, profit can be realised also at the Resistance gloves if one accepts 19205 for 5 mithril.


Gauntlets are another weird category with few inbetweens. War gauntlets carry the adventurers category worth 3260 gold. However, efficency is above average with Man handlers as 11325 gold for 2 Dragons blood.


Armor are cloaks (light armor), medium armor and heavy armor.


The adventurer item in cloaks is Monk armor worth 1955 gold and some tokens for the recipe. Also notable in this category is Vest of lies which features 6105 gold for 1 Mithril, it is also a token recipe.

Medium armorEdit

Medium armour has a token recipe Ronin's armor which is worth 9845 for its best adventurer item. However its most efficient item in terms of rare materials is actually a non token one in Evasive armor which sells for 27225 for a mere 4 Dragon's Blood.

Heavy armorEdit

Heavy Armour features Full plate for its adventurer item. To be honest this category really doesn't have a really bad ratio. Flexible plate is notable for being a token recipe and the most efficient rare material user in the game at 13420 for 1 Dragon Blood.


Shields are a solo category and feature Seven seas shield as the most efficient adventurer item even if they do require tokens.

Melee weaponsEdit

Melee weapons will include axes, blunt weapons, spears, swords, and staves.


Axes are a singleton category featuring two destinct sub types, one handed and two handed axes.

single-hand axe features the useless stone axe at 345 gold as its "best" item for adventurers. Strong cleaver is a good item in terms of efficency but requires tokens and is worth 4110 gold for 1 Mithril.

Two-handed axe has the broad axe as its best adventurer item at 2890 gold. Vicious chopper may be a token recipe but its one of the top 10 in terms of converting rare materials into gold at 7535 for 1 Dragon Blood.

Blunt weaponsEdit

Blunt Weapons see the one and two handed typing again, also is a category notible for no really terrible recipies.

single-hand mace uses soldier's mace a rather easy to get recipe early on for 910 gold and is easy make all game which is why it makes adventurer bait. War priest's mace is one of the best items at 1 mithril for 8940 gold costing tokens yet again but very few items will match it.

Two-handed mace has Dark paladin hammer as its best adventurer item worth 3375 gold. In a rare treat a lesser value token recipe Crushing sledgehammer is the best material user by a nose 5295 for 1 gem.


Spears are yet again a 2 handed and one handed set up.

single-hand spear use gladiator's trident worth 2790 as the adventurer bait. Fine lance of the wolf is the best item in terms of efficency relying on 1 mithril for 5325 gold.

Two-handed spear rely on knight's ranseur for the best item for adventurers worth 3190 gold. For top end items Gungnir scarily enough is the most efficient and sells for a good price 95065 gold.

Swords and daggersEdit

The blades category covers dagger, single-hand sword, and Two-handed sword.


The dagger category relies on assassin's dagger worth 1540 gold. One supposes if you want to really to play percentages the token recipe Fire dagger sells for 1635. The Kris is a token recipe which feature average use of rare material at 4320 gold for the 1 Gem it takes.


single-hand sword uses the wakizashi as its adventurer bait with a value of 1490 gold. Murasame is the token recipe that vapes the competition doubling just about everything else in how it uses 1 mithril and produces 6455 gold.

Two-handed sword has fine great sword wiping the floor with the competiton, love those farmers we do, at 4365 gold for no rare materials it works well for adventurers. This leaves Excalibur as the least worst in this category for tokens and rare materials worth 15210 gold for 4 mithril.


The staff category is short and sweet although token heavy.

Staves include the simple soft staff as the best adventurer bait worth 1615 gold and some tokens. Cleansing staff (4730 for 1 Dragon Blood) runs with Phoenix baton (12710 for 1 Gem and 2 Feather) and the Wood elf staff (8220 for 1 Gem and 1 Feather). All are above average in efficency and cost tokens, probably best to get Phoenix Baton, but none really are eye popping.

Ranged weaponsEdit

Ranged weapons include bows, crossbow, guns, thrown weapon as their categories.


Well anyone to survive in this game will bank on the composite bow as its the "Vial of Mana/Rejuvenation Herbs" of the Carpenter. It is your adventurer bait at 2330 gold and ease of manufacture. The only other bow worth making is the Fairy bow at 3755 gold for 1 Mithril but even that isn't really worth your time because the composite bow is good enough for almost everything.


crossbow features fast loading arbalest as its 3490 gold but token required. Efficency features the near the top of the game Vicious crossbow which turns 2 Gems into 22590 gold. Which would be even better if one could sell it to more categories.


The guns are saved by fiery dragon for adventurers worth 6340 gold, even if it requires tokens. Supposing one wants to spend more tokens Hand-of-god has a great efficency rating with 2 gems for 17270 gold value.

Thrown weaponsEdit

thrown weapon has circus knives worth 2675 gold for adventurers. If one wants to spend tokens one can snag Flux shuriken which does 9600 gold for its 2 mithril in terms of efficency.


The last category is Instruments which relies on the best token recipe in the game, which is celestial pipes no rares, massive coin at 17775 gold pieces. I suppose if you want to really get efficency and less money one could involve Abyssal tranquility which takes 2 dragon's blood and produces less money at 16405 value.

Comparison TablesEdit

This table shows the best item in each category and for each crafting setup: with and without tokens and/or with or without rare materials. Worthy refers to the rare to gold ratio, ranging from 0 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest rate, 0 meaning there's a regular item that's actually better. M stands for Mithril, B for Dragon Blood, G for Gem, F for Feather. Amount is per rare material used.


  • Note that the rating which is given here is related to every other item in the same category, including those you might not have researched yet, and those fitting in another table. This means that you may find a low-rated item to be your best item for a given time. For example in this table the Magic drink is rated only two stars, though it is recommended to craft a lot of those once it's unlocked, as it is really worth it at that time, but when you gain a lot more levels it will soon become obsolete.
  • Same reasoning goes for the best adventurer item. The main idea is to give them either a no rare material item, or to give them the best single rare material item if there's none (Rings and Scrolls are a good example)

No token armor tableEdit

No token armor table
Category Without rare material With rare material Rare:gold ratio Salesworthy? Best Adventurer item
Pendants Lucky amulet
  • 1B, 2570
  • 1G, 2515
  • 1M, 2515
  • 1G, 2450
YellowStar Any of the aforementioned, depending on your rare materials stocks
Rings None Ring of conservation 1G, 7380 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Ring of dexterity
Herbs Rejuvenating herbs Salve of protection 1F, 2800 YellowStar Rejuvenating herbs
Potions Vial of mana Magic drink 1M, 3515 YellowStarYellowStar Vial of mana
Scrolls None Hurricane scroll 1B, 1F, 4377 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Lava scroll
Shoes Sturdy shoes Dancer shoes 1F, 4130 YellowStarYellowStar Dancer shoes
Medium boots Riding boots Traveling boots 1M, 4275 YellowStarYellowStar Riding boots
Heavy boots Knight's sabatons Paladin's sabatons 2M, 3200 YellowStar Knight's sabatons
Hats Cleric's hat Electrifying tiara 3M, 1G, 3431 YellowStarYellowStar Cleric's hat
Medium helmets Captain's helmet Opal helmet 5M, 3397 YellowStarYellowStar Captain's helmet
Heavy helmets War mask Kabuto 1F, 4170 YellowStar War mask
Bracers War vambrace Vambrace 1G, 2045 War vambrace
Medium gloves Long gloves Resistance gloves 5M, 3841 YellowStarYellowStar Long gloves
Gauntlets War gauntlets
  • 1M, 3475
  • 2M, 3527
YellowStar War gauntlets
Cloaks Rich cloak Elemental wonder 5M, 5F, 2728 YellowStarYellowStar Rich cloak
Medium armor Samurai's armor Evasive armor 4B, 6806 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Heavy armor Full plate
  • 5M, 4B, 4503
  • 8M, 4G, 2F, 4239
YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Full plate
Shield Scutum Paladin's heater shield 1M, 4375 YellowStar Scutum

No token weapon tableEdit

No token weapon table
Category Without rare material With rare material Rare:gold ratio Salesworthy? Best Adventurer item
Swords Fine great sword White great sword 1M, 4020 Fine great sword
Daggers Assassin's dagger Angelwing 2M, 2F, 3882 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Assassin's dagger
Axes Broad-axe War labrys 1M, 1B, 2620 Broad-axe
Spears Knight's ranseur
  • 1M, 5325
  • 12M, 8B, 5F, 3803
  • YellowStar
  • YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Knight's ranseur
Maces & Hammers Dark paladin hammer Deathbringer 15B, 3170 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Dark paladin hammer
Staves Metal staff
  • 1G, 3230
  • 1B, 3845

Either Sapphire staff or Dread stick in regards to rare materials stock.

  • Sapphire staff is 1 hour on the sorceress while Dread stick is 2, though.
Bows Composite bow Fairy bow 1M, 3755 YellowStar Composite bow
Crossbows Heavy crossbow The hurricane 5M, 5G, 3632 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Heavy crossbow
Guns Escopette Everlasting pistol 5M, 2F, 4215 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Escopette
Thrown Weapons Circus knives Golden shuriken 4G, 3796 YellowStarYellowStar Circus knives
Instruments Horn of ages 5G, 5F, 3384 YellowStarYellowStar Bard's lute is preferable to Bagpipes as is doesn't lock up your blacksmith.

Token armor tableEdit

Token armor table
Category Without rare material With rare material Rare:gold ratio Salesworthy? Observations
Pendants None 75TokenHoly talisman 2M, 4800 YellowStar
Rings None 75TokenFoundation ring 2B, 4350 Ring of conservation laughs at the other rings.
Herbs None 50TokenRestoration powder 1F, 3405
Potions None
  • 2F, 3050
  • 3G, 3255
Scrolls None 25TokenLightning bolt scroll 1G, 1F, 3360 Easily beaten by Hurricane scroll.
Shoes 25TokenShiny shoes 100TokenFlying shoes 2F, 8907 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Shiny shoes are great as adventurer food.
Medium boots None 100TokenCourier's boots 1B, 1F, 9882 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Heavy boots None 150TokenDragoon's sabatons 2 of each, 4729 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Great suggestion for Plated boots.
Hats 25TokenBlazing hat 100TokenStreamlined conscience 1G, 1F, 5535 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Medium helmets 25TokenFitting top
  • 1B, 5315
  • 1B, 5465
  • YellowStarYellowStar
  • YellowStarYellowStar
Fitting top and Mask of fear won't lock up your blacksmith. Viking helmet will.
Heavy helmets None 100TokenWrathful face 2M, 6492 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Bracers 25TokenArm-guard 75TokenStone hands 2G, 4400 YellowStar
Medium gloves None
  • 1F, 2340
  • 2G, 2F, 2111
  • Poor ratio whatsoever.
  • Both come with the Mithril Starter Pack.
Gauntlets None 100TokenMan handlers 2B, 5662 YellowStarYellowStar
Cloaks 25TokenMonk armor 50TokenVest of lies 1M, 6105 YellowStarYellowStar
  • Easily outclasses the whole category.
  • But there are many other and more expensive cloaks.
Medium armor 100TokenRonin's armor 75TokenReign coat 1B, 1F, 4520 YellowStar
Heavy armor 25TokenGuard mail 100TokenFlexible plate 1B, 13420 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Shields 50TokenSeven seas shield 100TokenGuardian tall shield 2F, 5907 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Seven seas shield is a great adventurer item.

Token weapon tableEdit

Token weapon table
Category Without rare material With rare material Rare:gold ratio Salesworthy? Observations
Swords 50TokenMurasame 1M, 6455 YellowStarYellowStar
  • Slicer comes with the Mithril Starter Pack. Very handy for beginners.
  • Murasame is the only sword worth its rare materials.
Daggers 25TokenFire dagger 50TokenKris 1G, 4320 YellowStar Fire dagger is only good for beginners.
Axes None 75TokenVicious chopper 1B, 7535 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Vicious chopper comes with the Mithril Starter Pack.
Spears 25TokenSeeking tip 75TokenPoseidon 3G, 4211 YellowStar Fine lance of the wolf beats Poseidon's ratio.
Maces & Hammers
  • 1 of each, 5042
  • 1G, 5295
  • 1M, 5520
  • 1B, 5615
  • 1M, 8940
  • YellowStarYellowStar
  • YellowStarYellowStar
  • YellowStar
  • YellowStarYellowStar
  • YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
  • Orange hammer requires blacksmith and carpenter, sells for 1260.
  • Crushing bludgeon is carpenter-only, but sells for 875.
  • All recipes requiring rare materials are cooperative recipes:
  • Crushing sledgehammer requires blacksmith and carpenter.
  • All 4 other recipes require blacksmith and sorceress.
Staves 25TokenSoft staff 50TokenCleansing staff 1B, 4730 YellowStar Cleansing staff has the best ratio for staves.
Bows None 50TokenDouble shot 2F, 3795 Barely beats Fairy bow by 40 gold per rare. Composite bow still wins.
Crossbows 50TokenFast loading arbalest 100TokenVicious crossbow 2G, 11295 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStarYellowStar
Guns 50TokenFiery dragon 75TokenHand-of-god 2G, 8635 YellowStarYellowStarYellowStar Fiery dragon is the best adventurer food in this category.
Thrown weapons 25TokenWounding knives 100TokenFlux shuriken 2M, 4800 YellowStar Wounding knives is a blacksmith-only recipe.
Instruments 150TokenCelestial pipes 125TokenAbyssal tranquility 2B, 8202 YellowStar If you have the Celestial pipes there's no real need for any other instrument.

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