Two-Handed Spear
Blacksmith 100 Carpenter 100 Sorceress 100 Tailor 100
Forging 425 Sawing 425 Alchemy 0 Sewing 325
Welding 375 Sculpting 375 Enchanting 300 Creativity 250
Metal 0 Wood 0 Herbs 0 Leather 8
Steel 25 Elfwood 15 Oils 0 Fabric 0
Mithril 12 Dragonsblood 8 Gems 0 Mythicfeathers 5
Estimated Craft Time  ? hours
Estimated Research Time n/a
Market Value Coins 95065
Recipe Purchase Price Coins n/a
Tokens Token n/a
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Customers who can use this item
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Research CycleEdit

Items that come before and/or after this item in research cycle:

No research cycle available: This recipe is a reward and cannot be researched.

  • This recipe is the reward for a reputation level of 100 and thus the Famous achievement.
  • This item has the highest selling price of all items in the game.
    • Since the August 18th update, the The one ring has the highest selling price.

General BuyersEdit


Items that can be suggested in place of this one:


  • Gungnir is said to be the spear of the god Odin. Being a God's spear it would be reasonable to require the highest levels of all workers to craft this.