Currently this wiki has an active community where people feel welcome to add their small or a bit larger contributions. Many here are also simply reading.

It has developed over time and has seen some small, but also big changes.

Because a lot more is possible with this wiki, i would like to know from you: reader and possibly contributor, what you feel is missing here, or should be improved.

Also share your thoughts about how this wiki could attract even more readers and contributors (feel free to copy paste ideas from Community Central wiki or Help wiki

You can comment on this page or add your 2 cents to the table below.

Since it is a collaborate project, you can add your name behind a request and work on it. If you feel you need the help of others, don't hesitate to add a + sign behind your name. Signing up for a project can also be done using 3 times ~ (tilde sign; or 4 times to include the date you added your name here)

Hope to hear from many of you.

Your chance to add requests can be shared below
Username Idea/ improvement/ suggestion Person wanting to commit to this Complete? In development, Yes or No
Yosiel Create a Category for all token boosts to don't confuse them with items.
Yosiel That 'Light Gloves' redirects to 'Bracers'