Lucky clover bag
An old man has his four leaf clover bag stolen
Vital statistics
Triggers Shop Level 2
Goals Outsource quest
Rewards 5k gold from quest giver

Slicer from adventurer

Quest line City Guard
Previous Next
None (first quest of the game) Arena Improvements

This quest is started when a man with scars on his face (called Purvis) comes in and tells you that an old man's four-leaf clover bag has been reported stolen. This quest is triggered at shop level 2.

To progress in this quest, you need an adventurer to come into your shop asking you to sponsor a quest. When that happens, click the third button from the right called quests to assign the adventurer to look for the old man's bag instead.

The adventurer can fail on this quest, but you can assign others without a penalty.

The quest is completed when the adventurer returns (usually within 2 gamedays) and states that the old man had his bag all along. Within a day of the adventurer returning, Purvis will return. When you give your report of what happened, he states that they'll need to be more careful when they recieve complaints from senior citizens.

You are then rewarded with a slicer and 5k gold

Lucky clover bag

Invitation to Lost clovers quest


Lost clovers quest reward (adventurer)


Lost clovers quest reward (quest giver)

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