Still a genin.

Usable MerchandiseEdit

Weapons: Thrown weapons (e.g. Shuriken, Fine boomerang, Throwing knives), One-handed swords (e.g. Gladius, Rapier), Two-handed swords (e.g. Zhanmadao, Excalibur), Daggers (e.g. Dirk, Assassin's dagger, Sacrificial blade, bandit's dagger)


Torso: Clothes, Apron, Robes (e.g. Evoker's, Lord's, Priest's), Leather coat, Sky mantle, Vest of lies, Rich cloak

Head: Monk's hat, Cleric's hat, Blazing hat

Hands: Bracers (e.g. Elfwood vambrace, Arm-guard, Wrist-guard)


Accessories: Any

Consumables: Any

Items not accepted as suggestionsEdit

These are items that showed a 0% chance of being accepted after you suggested it to a customer.

Weapons: Bows, Skull crusher, Escopette, Broad axe


Torso: Leather armor, Demon plate

Head: Leather helmet, Mask of fear

Hands: Gloves

Feet: Shoes, Boots