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What are Quests?Edit

Quests are generally started (or finished) when someone comes into your shop with an exclamation point (!) over their head. There are two main types of quests - storylines and adventurers.

Adventurer questsEdit

Adventurers randomly occur as visiting customers wandering into your shop, usually involving an attempt to kill a monster -- and all of these requests follow the same format. An adventurer will come in like a customer and ask you to sponsor their quest. You can either give them the exact item they're asking for, suggest an item, or assign them to one of your own quests (this is known as outsourcing quests and is used for storyline quests).

To get the best chance of success, give them the specific item--or something very close in price and item type that is applicable to their class. The probabilities of their quest succeeding seem to follow the same as just suggesting an item to sell, only there is always a chance of quest failure, even with the preferred item (this chance can also be increased with a high adventurer skill). However, the reward for success will always be proportional to the item asked for, even if you gave them something completely different (e.g. giving a Vial of Mana when asked for a Gungnir will still have a good reward because the gungir was asked for). This is currently being researched at this page.

The rewards from the adventurers quests are sometimes items that you can only acquire through tokens otherwise, or 2-4x as much gold as the asked for item's market-value; after shop level 100 there is a small chance that the reward may include 20 to 30 rare resources. The amount of gold is strongly increased but the chance of acquiring items is greatly reduced. As of the September 2011 update, successful adventurers now return XP as well. The amount of XP returned is equal to the price of the item that was asked for.

Quest listEdit

A list of quests with prerequisites, what to do, and rewards is located at

Quest storylinesEdit

Most storylines start out with requests for money. It is recommended to pay them, since they lead into scripted quests with great rewards. Some of the quests will need to be outsourced and tasked to wandering adventurers. Others are simply paying money, or having crafters fetch something where sometimes they need to co-operate to make it happen. Some quests require points from your craftsmen. These points can only come from your own craftsmen, guild members cannot help you in these quests (entirely opposite of how improvements work)

Every 5 shop levels (shop level 5, 10, etc) you get a major quest. This is selected randomly out of the available major quests. If you refuse to pay, the entire quest line may be lost forever! However you can always have the quester return later by clicking WAIT if you feel short on funds. You can click wait as many times as you want and not lose access to the quest line. Quests that don't have a shop level requirement can show up at any time.

Note: It is not possible to have more than three different storyline quests active at once. If a player has three active quests and achieves the requirements for a fourth, the initiation of that quest will be delayed until such time as the player has completed one of the active quests.

The Guards questlineEdit


The Royal questlineEdit


Important: Due to frequent editing of this section (a.k.a. editing wars):

False King: This seems to be giving either Gaia's spine for some but Red dragon for others.

Metal Trojan Horse is triggered at level 210 for some and level 220 for others. No need to change that either.

Both possible differences SHOULD always be on there.

Landlord's (Madella) questlineEdit

  • Money problems - need to give 5K gold (needs 10k+ to appear), and it unlocks the following quests:
  • Torn dress - needed 5K tailor points, reward is 45K gold. Triggered at shop level 25, tailor level 20.
  • Financial problems - pay 85K gold, triggered at shop level 50 and must have roughly 120K+ gold. No reward, unlocks the next quest.  (Has triggered at level 48)
  • Deep Ocean - outsource quest; triggered at shop level 90; reward is 30 pieces of gems and a Silence of the deep.

The community-aid questsEdit


The Farmer questsEdit


The Trade guild questsEdit

  • Trade guild scrolls - Triggers at shop level 12 and tailor level 20: needs 4K tailor points, reward is 30K gold.
  • Borrow from traders - Triggers at shop level 45 (or in some cases 47): Pay 50K gold, reward is 80K gold. You must have 75K gold before he appears.
  • Green dragon - outsource quest, reward is 20 pieces of Dragon blood and a Sky dragoon armor (triggers at shop level 65).
  • Publicity banner - Triggers at shop level 110: pay 250k gold, then you need to put 2500 tailor points, reward is boost of Mercantile skill (~20-110% [rarely] higher than market price), and more customers, for 5 days.You must have +500K gold before he appears.

The priest's questsEdit


Mederina's questsEdit


The Thug's questsEdit

  • Vandalism insurance -This quest is triggered after Welcome tax and if you have at least 5K gold. If you decline to pay 2K gold, the thug will vandalize your shop, resulting in fewer customers for 7 days. Declining will still allow you to get the follow-up quest.
  • Intimidation insurance - Pay 20k gold. If you decline to pay the fee, the thug will intimidate your workers, resulting in lowered skills for 7 days. This will make crafting and researching take significantly longer. Declining will still allow you to get the follow-up quest. Triggers at shop level 35.
  • Thief hideout - needs 7.5k sorceress points, the reward is a temporary Thug attack bonus. This quest is triggered with both Sorceress level 60 or above and Thug level 50 or above.
  • Dragon stash - outsource quest, reward is 40 pieces of Gems and Lord of darkness.

Captain Cigalo's questsEdit


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