The Sorceress is one of four workers that creates objects to be sold in your store. She specializes in accessories and consumables such as potions, herbs, and scrolls. Her two crafting skills are alchemy and enchanting.

The large majority of things she can produce can be suggested to all customers with about 20% success, making her the most versatile of all - but also she has no outstandingly easy to suggest items like other workers, except for some very specific classes using (mainly) items made in collaboration with another worker.

She's involved in far more recipes which require rare ingredients to make items than any other worker, making her extremely convenient at high and/or very high levels, and very easy to start off with this worker.


For a comprehensive list of recipes see Category:Sorceress


  • Sorceress, together with the Silver Tongue skill, can prove very useful at early in the game, where customers need various items which you cannot yet produce, but they will accept her items.
  • Sorceress items usually takes very short time to make, and sell for small amounts of gold.
  • Cooperates usually with carpenter and tailor.
  • Has the largest range of recipes produced in single and cooperative work together.
  • Notable for crafting scrolls, which are produced by her and the tailor. (If you're lucky, you might start the game with a Fireball scroll which can be sold for around 2.4K gold)
  • Craft faster than the market needs after a certain amount of days (common problem with all workers, but sorceress and carpenter especially). Do research when you have a good amount of items each. Fire her if the quantity gets out of control (20+ is excessive for just about anything).