The tailor is one of the four workers that create items to be sold in your shop.
She specializes in cloaks, medium gloves, and medium armor. Her two crafting skills are sewing and creativity.

The Tailor ShopEdit

The tailor's workshop is located in the top right corner of the shop. You can choose to have tailor as a starting class and acquire the workshop right away or buy it later from the workbox, using edgebee tokens or gold coins.

If you buy the tailor shop from the chest at the top of the screen using gold, it will cost you 25,000 gold, and in addition you will have to have members of your guild help to construct the workshop by using their workers' cooperation points; 1,000 points from a blacksmith, tailor, sorceress and carpenter.

You can provide boosts to your tailor's skill by upgrading her workshop with worksurfaces and equipment.


For a comprehensive list of recipes see Category:Tailor


  • A tailor is usually, together with a blacksmith or sorceress, one of the best choices for new players at the beginning.
  • Her items take a short time to make, and usually sell for a moderate amount of gold.
  • The tailor is the second most in demand for improvement points. Carpenter is the one which is most in demand.