Let's discuss the size issue Edit

This is a big subject, with a few people who might recognize and dispute it, from time to time it has and will appear again so here's the talk page.


First of all all the links in the wikipedia are case-sensitive. Wikis use programming to navigate, and sometimes it is necessary to have words with different letter sizes in a program. Which in turn gives use case-sensitive programming.

Some names are more than two words. So we'd end up with a question of which words should be capital. All of the words, none of the words, or just the first word? Well that's the issue. If we decided every combination of a five word page suited that the first letter is a different case it can become very messy.

Also, if we place a specific syntax goal on page management, we can easily use special features of the wiki which already detect the pages that all point there. We can make a special program that is found in the page which recognizes the page title without requiring a higher level programming language like java to parse all the strings, so less technical programmers can make improvements, or just require much less work to have a special program work (specifically based on page name).

ActiveUnique 17:35, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

Game rules to naming towards normal language rules Edit

In Normal Language It Is Considered Very Strange When Every Single Word Has A Capital At The Start.

In many games however it has become a sort of tradition because it looks cool to start words with a capital, refer to items with a capital at each word's start and sometimes, if those items are special, use all capital words. That is however CONSIDERED SHOUTING IF YOU USE IT IN A SENTENCE.

This game chose differently, and uses normal language rules. Therefor i am also in favor of using the normal language rules and only have the first word of a sentence containing a capital and all names of specific persons, items, and so on. Blacksmith, tailor, carpenter and such are not specific names. They are referring to a fairly common group of people. Names of quests are indeed names for those quests,

Linking to a page is not case sensitive if it already exists. New pages or none existing pages should in my opinion always follow the normal language rules.

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