Test for new item tree:


Toy sword Short sword Gladius
TS Rightarrow SS Rightarrow Gladius

Under contruction icon-yellow ^Up

Research cycle. Each cycle could have their own table. Each item name is linked, for the moment, to its individual page until it's decided what we're going to do. I'm thinking these could go on the item page and when we link the names, they could link to their spot on the group pages (horiz itembox below)

Test for horizontal itembox (only used items will show up):

Item NameEdit

Item name Requirements Resources Timeicon Research Coins Recipe Token
Placeholder item Blacksmith 1 Tailor 1 Sewing 1 Creativity 1 Alchemy 1 Enchanting 1
Steel 1 Elfwood 1 Mythicfeathers 1 Fabric 1
 ?  ?  ?  ? 0
Research Cycle General Buyers Suggestions
Toy sword > Short sword > Gladius Items that can be suggested in place of this one.

Under contruction icon-yellow ^Top

Cycle/Buyers/Suggestions boxes are a separate table, not another infobox to make it possible for people to insert the data themselves.

Under contruction icon-yellow > Right

I think this key could go at the top of the page since two of the icons aren't typically used.

Timeicon Craft Time
Research Research Time
Coins Market Value
Recipe Recipe Price
Token Tokens

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