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Tokens (official name: Edgebee Tokens) are special currency you can use to purchase items and abilities in Swords & Potions. You used to start off with 100 free tokens but due to an update you start with no tokens. To get tokens you must purchase them with money from the creator's website or Kreds on Kongregate. There is also a chance you can win up to 100 tokens from the daily gift roulette.

Tokens can be used for the following:

  • Instantly finish producing an item.
  • Instantly finish researching a recipe.
  • Instantly finish a thug operation.
  • Instantly release your thug from prison.
  • Train a worker to the next level.
  • Buy rare materials.
  • Immediately refill resources during a gameday.
  • Purchase improvements (instant build) without the need for cooperation with other players.
  • Buy a starter pack.
  • Reset all of your skill points so you can re-assign them as you wish.
  • Research special recipes.
  • Buy the special crafter pet improvements.
  • If you enter bankruptcy, you can use tokens to get instant cash and save yourself (this will also get the high roller achievement).
  • Cheering an employee (To increase morale instantly)
  • Buy usable items such as seed of focus or dungeon map that can be used to increase the chance of sucess and stuff like that.

Most of these functions (all except the last five) are not very useful, as they are relatively expensive for the benefit gained, and don't give you any benefit that you couldn't get by waiting. The best use for tokens is generally to buy the rare recipes that require tokens, as there is no other way to get these items.

Picture 20
This picture on the left shows the buying screen for tokens on If you are playing direct on Edgebee, there is a button in the top left marked 'buy more'. This will take you to the token-buying screen for Edgebee.

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