ToxicCosmos/Creating and Editing Info Boxes
Blacksmith n/a Carpenter n/a Sorceress 5 Tailor n/a
Forging n/a Sawing n/a Alchemy 100 Sewing n/a
Welding n/a Sculpting n/a Enchanting n/a Creativity n/a
Metal 0 Wood 0 Herbs 4 Leather 0
Steel 0 Elfwood 0 Oils 1 Fabric 0
Mithril 0 Dragonsblood 0 Gems 0 Mythicfeathers 0
Estimated Craft Time 4 hours
Estimated Research Time  ?
Market Value Coins 355
Recipe Purchase Price Coins -
Tokens Token 0
Template:Infobox_item - Syntax - Help
Customers who can use this item

Singing axe SoldierSorcererThief War wizard

result of Consumables
Template Infobox consumer class - Syntax - Help
last page revision 06-03-2011, by ToxicCosmos

Adding Info Boxes to pages

You may have noticed the Info Boxes on various Item pages (example to right). Any and all help to update all item pages is very much appreciated.

If you're new to Wikia, you may not know how to add Info Boxes to pages. Here's how it works:

  • Click page's Edit button
  • Set cursour in first line
  • Under the Insert section in the menu, click Template
  • Choose Other Template/Magic Word
  • In the search field type and choose Infobox Item
  • click Insert
  • Fill in Paramaters in the left-hand column
    • Note: not all need to be filled in, those left blank will automatically be filled with default values
  • Click Ok

Images in Info Boxes

When filling in the Image section in Paramaters, you need to put in the image's file name preceded by "Image:"

Once you fill in and submit all paramaters, you may find that the main image doesn't show up. Don't worry.

  • To fix this, click on Edit again.
  • Then click on Source under the Controls section in the menu. This will show you the code that Wikia uses.
  • Find where you image name is, it should look something like
|image = name.jpg
  • Simply change it by adding one word
|image = Image:name.jpg
  • Click Preview and/or Publish and it should be fixed.

Editing Info Boxes

Info Box information can be edited in the same way as mentioned above. This is helpful when you find incorrect or missing information.

Creating New Info Boxes

If you would like a new type of info box that has different content, feel free. If you would like to request that I create one, feel free to leave me a message. If you want to create your own for this Wikia, please let me know when you're done so that I can add it to the below list. Please try and keep the look somewhat consistent with the above example already in use. Thanks!

Info Boxes in use on this Wikia

So far we have: (as of 2 June 2011)

  • Infobox Items - used for all items crafted

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