Vandalism insurance
Either pay up or face the consequences
Vital statistics
Triggers Have 5K gold
No other Questline starter active/ waiting.
Goals Pay 2K gold
Rewards If not paid: 7 gamedays of 50% loss in customers.

Questline still continues. If paid: nothing happens.

Quest line Thug's questline
Previous Next
First quest in this questline Intimidation insurance

The Thug says:

-"You've got a nice shop, it would be a shame if someone came and vandalized it. How about you give me 2000 gold pieces and I'll make sure it stays nice?"

Sometimes the price varies to 2500 gold pieces.

Options: Yes, No, Come Back

If YES: "You've made a wise decision, I'll see you around."

If NO: "I don't think you understand how things work here."

If COME BACK: "I guess I can wait..."



Thug quest line introduction

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